LP Cover Design for AKS a Leuven based Dubstep group.

As part of the exhibition “Charles Burns’ that took place on 08.12.11 to 11.03.12 at the ‘M’ museum in Leuven, Kulturama* gave 30 lucky graphic designers the chance to participate in a masterclass given by none other then Will Sweeney**.
The brief was simple: design an LP cover for the well-known dubstep group called AKS (Addicted Kru Sound).

Being the leading drum ‘n’ bass / dubstep group in the underground scene of Leuven, Aks participated in ‘De Poulins’, an initiative of Studio Brussel*** at AB**** , helping young musicians getting discovered. Being a close friend of the band, famous Belgian singer Selah Sue offered to be their “godmother” for the duration of this event.

Aks was first known for their deep and energetic underground drum ‘n’ bass & dubstep sounds.
After ‘de Poulins’ they got a lot of attention. Thanks to this opportunity they’ve been exposed to a new audience, taking their style to a whole new level. Thanks to the motivated kru members and the lovely voice of Lola, they are now touching the hearts and souls of a whole new crowd, eager to share the power of their sound.

We all know the expression ‘an image says more then 1000 words.’
With this in mind, I came up with a cover image that shows the strong contrast between AKS’s first rough history of pounding dubstep sounds and their current sound, that has a warmer, more familiar sound.

The circular hole in the ceiling stands for the rough drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep of the past, while the table lamp in this photograph represents the more warm overall feeling of where their music stands for at this point.
Trying to combine those two feelings in a perfect minimalistic balance, I got the idea to create the image below.

But enough said – what are you waiting for … Go and check out their incredible sound!

Discover their sound on www.aks-music.com !
Follow them on twitter @AKS_music
or like them on facebook Wim ‘Aks’ Thijs
Purchase their latest song on iTunes

* Kulturama is an initiative of the city of Leuven in collaboration with their cultural division.
** Will Sweeney is a London based illustrator. He works for the right magazines (The Face, The Wire), biggest brands (Levi’s, Stüssy) and interesting artists (Beck, Birdy Nam Nam, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks). He also made the video clip for the song ‘The Game’ by Das Pop. (www.alakazamlabel.com)
*** Studio Brussel is one of the leading Radio Stations of Belgium
**** AB (Ancienne Belgique) is considered the best sounding concert hall in Brussels.

I would like to thank Kulturama, Museum M, Will Sweeney, Bent Van Looy, Wim Thijs, and all the others who gave me the opportunity to participate in this contest.

Thank you guys so much !!!


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